Cue Card (Jan-Apr’20) #16. Describe a difficult challenge that you completed/met.

  • What was the challenge?
  • When and where did you complete/met it?
  • Why was it difficult?
  • How did you feel about it?

Sample answer:-

Well I’m Quite Competitive by Nature and I Take It Quite Seriously if Someone Challenges Me I Put My Sincere  Efforts to Meet the Challenge and Let Me Take This Opportunity to Talk About the Time When My Friends and  Family Challenged Me When I Was in Grade 10 What Exactly Happened When My 10th Class Result God Declared I  Did Not Score Well In the Science Subject Though I Scored Really Well in Other Subjects After 10th Just Like My  Other Friends I Too Wanted To Join the Non-medical Stream as It Was My Dream to Choose Science as a Subject 

For  My, Higher Studies Considering the Future Prospects in This Subject but at This Point, Most of My Friends Were Making Fun of Me Saying That It is Not Your Cup of Tea to Study Science at Higher Level Because of My Poor Score Unfortunately My Parents Also Suggested Me to Choose Some Easy Subjects Rather Than Taking Science However  Rather Getting Depressed I Took It as a Challenge and Said I Will Prove Myself One Day I Started to Put Sincere  Efforts Worth Learning Science and Started to Burn Midnight Lamp I Spent Hours in Libraries to Study Extra Books  and Soon My Father

Also Realized My Intent He Arranged Extra Classes After School for Me and Bought Means  Some Study Material As Well Now Were My Friends Were Playing Games Watching Movies Going for Outings   I  Was Completely Focused and Dedicated Towards My Study Finally Ten Close to Class Results God Declared and I  Scold Way Higher Than My Friends They Were Really Embarrassed to See My Result However They Appreciated My  Efforts I Too Was Extremely Happy That I Met the Challenge and I Was Really Thankful to My Friends and Family  Who Challenged Me And Helped Me to Realize My True Potential.

Follow ups

  1. Do you think parents should give challenges to children?
    Yes, I really believe parents should regularly give challenges to their children. I think it makes children confident and better prepared for adult life, which is full of challenges.
  2. What is the most challenging thing for kids?
    I think there are many things which are challenging for kids and it’s hard to single out one. I would say making friends is challenging for some, public speaking is challenging for some and for some calculations in mathematics are very challenging. It varies from person to person.
  1. Can parents reduce the challenges kids have? How?
    I think they can, but they shouldn’t. If they try to reduce challenges, their child will not become independent. What parents should do I feel is to make children understand that challenges help us improve and we should not fear but face them head-on.
  2. What challenges do you think children might have to face up to?
    I think the major challenge children today face is the challenge of making friends and fitting in. Besides that, I feel there is a challenge of balancing academics with physical activity. There are a very few children who are able to excel at both physical education and academics nowadays.

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